RAYPAX's scalable and open architecture provides a highly efficient alternative to the traditional methods of managing films in a medical facility. More than eight years ago, RAYPAX Co., Ltd. put together a PACS team to develop a state-of-the-art system that will lead technology into the next century using any Windows or UNIX based systems.

With the advanced information technology of RAYPAX Co., Ltd., it is now possible to capture, diagnose, review and archive medical images and patient data in only a fraction of the time, cost and space of previous film and paper-based systems.

The healthcare provider is now able to provide a higher quality of service at a lower cost to patients using quick and efficient diagnostic procedures and fewer duplicate exposures due to lost films.

RAYPAX is truly a full PACS solution, providing a full range of functions needed from initial image acquisition to final diagnostic reporting. RAYPAX consists of Display Workstation, Web Clinical System, DICOM Gateway, HL7 Gateway, Radiology Information System, Video Acquisition Workstation, Storage Manager, Administration Tool, Film Digitizer, Film Plain Printer Server, and various modality interfaces.