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TitleRAYPAX releases Liberty Family of software solutions Date2003-08-25 

ALTADENA, CALIFORNIA- RAYPAX Inc, North America is extremely pleased to announce the successful launching of their second and complete product line for PACS Solutions.

The Liberty Family of Software now provides RAYPAX with a full line of Thick Client products, thus removing the need for costly servers and components. The product line is being released for the consumers who can not afford or are not budgeted for the PACS introduction.

These standalone systems are easily expandable, scalable, customizable, and priced for small entry into the digitalization of Imaging Centers, Doctors Offices and small Clinics. The systems available now include; standalone Film and Paper Digitizer Workstations, Review Workstations, Diagnostics Workstations, 3-D Workstations and QC Workstations (CD Burning capability).

These workstations were developed for the medical facilities that are eager to enter the PACS market but can not afford expensive systems that require expensive server combinations and network connections. They have the ability to send exams anywhere in the world or be part of any existing systems.

This RAYPAX new launching maintains the hugely successful introduction of their customizable solutions includes the world’s fastest PACS system with an average 4:1 compression ratio along with an integrated Radiology Information System (Oracle based RIS) and Web Server combination.

SourceNews Release WriterRAYPAX Co Ltd / RAYPAX Inc. 
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