RAYPAX provides cutting-edge PACS solutions that are tailored to your specific needs at competitive prices. The open architecture of the RAYPAX system runs on standard PC hardware and software platforms, thus minimizing capital and maintenance costs. The system architecture was carefully designed with the objective of maximizing reliability and flexibility while maintaining cost efficiency, making it even easier and safer for you to adopt a PACS system.

RAYPAX ensures flexible communication and compatibility by supporting globally accepted standardized medical file formats, such as DICOM and HL7, while utilizing open software and hardware architectures.

RAYPAX has established a widely recognized presence for its reliability and commitment to service. Partnership with leading technology companies, such as Intel, ensures full compatibility and optimization of our software and hardware, which provides a significant boost in performance. RAYPAX has obtained USFDA(Food and Drug Administration) 510(k) market clearance (K991537) as a testimony of our product's high quality and standards.

RAYPAX will customize its PACS solution to meet your every need, as our flexibility in customization is second to none. If you have a special need, we can even create new features and components at your request.

RAYPAX boasts the industry's highest medical image compression ratios at 4:1 lossless compression for CR images and 30:1 lossy compression with clinically negligible degradation. Our system algorithm automatically determines the best lossless compression ration for each image, hence compression performance varies from 3.75:1(chest image) to 5.59:1(skull image). The high compression ratio creates smaller image files, which allows for faster file transfers and savings in storage space.

RAYPAX is committed to continually improving and advancing its PACS solutions through rigorous R&D, which is our core strength and focus. Through ongoing consultations with radiologist and physicians, RAYPAX is being molded to meet the future needs in healthcare.