RAYPAX Web is a web-based radiology service system, consisting of a web server and clients, distributes the images captured from medical modalities to remote radiologists and referral physicians on the web with IE web browser.

This highly functional web radiology solution present the facility a cost effective and easy way to provide fast image delivery and remote access, powerful exam browsing needed for the teleradiology.

RAYPAX Web enables fast and reliable radiology service for remote medical staff using the web, anytime and anywhere

Provides faster image access remotely with standard IE web browser and industry leading image compression

- Concentrate on complete diagnosis with cutting-edge image manipulation, such as image enhancement, measurement, annotation, and special viewing features
- Quick images preparation with DICOM standard interface, image DB and fast Image delivery with cutting-edge image compression and web browser
- Easily maintains the system optimized and secured by setting the system profile(Users, Folder, System and Modality) with Windows-like administrator interface

Improves the quality of radiology service with powerful exam browsing on user customizable workspace

- Easy to view images and easy to deploy by installing a thin-client on the standard IE web browser
- Provides cutting-edge image manipulation such as image enhancement, measurement & annotation and special viewing features with fewer mouse click and intuitive operation
- Customizing the display format, hanging protocol and toolbars in the user profile to optimize viewing workspace for user