What is DICOM?
 Which software platform do you support?
 Is RAYPAX compliant to international standards such as DICOM and HL7?
 Is the RAYPAX System configurable for various hospital scales?
 What’s the benefit if doctors diagnose with Display Workstation?
 What kinds of monitor setup does Display Workstation support?
 Do I have to purchase a separate Dictation System?
 Can I make presentation material directly from the displayed images?
 Can I use the RAYPAX System through the Internet?
 If viewing large images from the RAYPAX System through the Internet, won’t the     download time be long?
 How can I use existing film on the RAYPAX System?
 How can OCS developers develop software which transfers information to the RAYPAX     System?
 What Jukeboxes are supported in the RAYPAX Storage System?