RAYPAX Lite is the standalone image viewer for patient diagnostic purpose. It was developed to present a cost effective and easy to use PACS solution for smaller medical facilities.

RAYPAX Lite incorporates the standard image manipulation features and user customizable workspace required for complete diagnosis. It also allows medical facilities to build a virtual radiology workflow with the auto routing feature.

RAYPAX provides better diagnosis and improved radiology service for medical facilities thus improving the quality of patient care

Improve the quality of diagnosis with RAYPAX cutting-edge Image Manipulation and User Customizable Workspace

- Concentrate on complete diagnosis with cutting-edge image manipulation, such as image enhancement, measurement, annotation, and special viewing features
- Efficiently focus on the study with the user customizable workspace by setting the variable display format, hanging protocol and toolbars in the user profile
- Easily learn and use the viewing features with the intuitive operation of the software and use much fewer mouse clicks

Quicker Turnaround of Radiology Service with Image Workflow hub and efficient Image Management

- Fast images exchange with any image sources and destinations with DICOM 3.0 Standard and Image compression
- Build a virtual radiology workflow with auto routing and distribute images on the auto routing rules
- Improve image management by image searching and status checking features with CD burning and Printing